Brain Tumours Bot for feedback

I am happy to announce the launch of a feedback bot to collect link to various brain tumour charities across the world (braintumourbot).

I had toyed with the idea to create a Wiki, but I realised that existing tools are too messy that can be utilised effectively. Why not have something that makes things more efficient?

It is how you do it:

1) Install Telegram and open it.

2) Search for @braintumourbot

3) Press “start” at the bottom. Then type it in the space provided.

4) In the bot description, there exists a link to the channel.

5) Your submissions will be updated there.

You can search for respective charities either in the search box in the channel or typing particular hashtag. For example, in the link provided, the hashtag for Britain is #UK, and the city hashtag for London is #LON.

The Brain Tumour support channel is also active! (@cnssm)

I will provide a complete name for cities that are far away from the urban centres.

This bot on Telegram chat application is the first ever crowdsourced experiment to get everyone on board.