Slow thinking: Pause and reflect

slowthinkingI was alerted to this remarkable piece of The Quartz today which helped me to reflect on it. It lists the virtues of “slow thinking“.

If we don’t come to a quick conclusion and choose a side, it can feel like we’re letting the proverbial bad guys—whoever they are in a given case—win. Thus, an opinion becomes a moral imperative, an act on behalf of humanity, or at least on behalf of whatever cause we support.

This is the familiar refrain on Twitter and various other “social media” websites. We need to be able to tame Twitter, use it more efficiently  (and using it for academics, as in my case).

Think. Pause. Reflect. Think some again.

Digital detoxification is essential.

Having no fixed position, which seems unthinkable on the internet, is actually a liberating way to navigate the world.

I think its the critical knowledge for all academics out there.

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