Word Press blogging platform

The standard wordpress.com blogging platform is decent enough. I had been using the self hosted version for pretty long time but the maintenance had been done by someone else. My job was to blog. And I did experiment around with various plugins.

Despite the “free option”, wordpress.com does have a decent advantage when you pay up for it. One of the biggest hassles with self hosting is the recurring cost for a single website; it doesn’t help that way. In addition, adding media to the blogposts quickly adds up to the allotted storage space. Although there are ways to circumvent it, honestly, I don’t have time and patience to have all this set up.

My biggest grouse is that standard wordpress.com doesn’t allow one to install plugins and requires most expensive tier. I have highlighted the same to the customer care but sadly, they aren’t able to help me to go around the limitations. Its being greedy and a stupid limitation but thats the best I have around me. Other alternatives have too fancy interfaces that doesn’t help to deliver the goods as effectively.

I really hope some sun shines and they at least move the installable plugins to the middle paid tier. I might reconsider then. Lets hope for the best!

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