Automating Twitter.

Information overload is a real problem. Papers/ conference calls, patient care and demands of academia can be extremely overwhelming.

Social media presence has added another dimension of “time-wasting” efforts. Most of us feel compelled to be a part of the group or else, there’s a real fear of missing out. In the complex conundrum of making your presence felt versus getting some “real work done”, you have to strike a right balance.

Ethics aside, its more of a practical necessity to automate repetitive tasks. For example, I have bots that fetch content from different sources in Telegram (I am a huge art fan). This would have meant checking at least eight different sources for updates versus something that streams in my channel on a continuous basis.

With the same mindset, I am content to approach Twitter to automate it. I can focus, instead on blogging my thoughts on a longer format. Of course, it helps to reach out to different authors and build social connections as well; to be honest, I have just started out. A lot has changed ever since Twitter started out. I remember a ton of services that had sprouted out alongside Twitter’s API’s but most of them have shipped out. The ones remaining have a compelling focus.

Scheduling posts is something I haven’t been able to grip. How would it help? Perhaps to gain maximum visibility when the target audience is likely to “see” it. However, it would bubble up, irrespective of Twitter, if it is compelling enough.


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