Why this neuro-oncology blog?

I wanted a voice to break through the clutter. I realised that there is no dedicated neuro-oncology” blog.

I am no stranger to this- long time back, I had a dedicated blog on a very niche area- telecommunications! This was way before I had become a specialist. Word Press hadn’t evolved to the degree that it’s done now but I had a voice and a space of my own, then.

I evolved to writing for newspapers and on technology and it was till recently, there had been a lull in the academic output due to some issues.

I strongly feel that this blog will serve to echo some of the concerns that I have had and gradually build up content and evolve as I go on forward. The trick is to be focused and disciplined to organise thought structures.

I will discuss my academic workflows to make things more efficient as well. Those  are something that I am justifiably proud of (:)) and I’d like to share them here.

Thanks for coming by!

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